Hi, I'm Kari Sabine, the creator of Artstyles.io – a passion project, where my continuous quest for knowledge and expertise in user interface design meets my fascination for art history.


Blending my expertise as a Graphic/Interaction Designer, Front-end Developer, and Creative Writer, my mission is to push the boundaries of web design, focusing on innovative and aesthetically pleasing visual experiences.

This platform is my canvas where I explore the intricacies of art history – understanding the evolution of various art styles, their influences, and how they've shaped each other. My goal is to present this rich tapestry of art in a format that's both engaging and accessible, blending traditional art insights with modern user interface design and web development techniques.

Celebrating Classical Art in the Age of AI

Artstyles.io is my homage to the timeless classics, the masterpieces that set the stage for today's digital wonders. I'm here to spotlight my favorite classical pieces, connecting the dots between past and present.

It's fascinating how art evolves with our societies, our politics, and our collective human experience. From the Renaissance's exploration of humanism and classical wisdom, capturing the intellectual rebirth, to the expressive brushwork and vivid colors of Post-Impressionism, challenging and expanding the boundaries of artistic perception, each of these movements mirrors the significant societal and cultural shifts of its respective era.

The Nuts and Bolts of Artstyles.io

Artstyles.io is a melting pot of licensed Creative Commons artworks and fresh content born from the innovative mind of OpenAI's ChatGPT. The website's backbone? That's all thanks to Sanity CMS and the Next.js, with a dash of Tailwind for that extra style flair.

March 2024, Oslo