Hi, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Could you tell us a bit about your background and what led you to pursue painting?

I was born in Limoges, but my family moved to Paris when I was quite young. My initial foray into art was through painting on porcelain, which was a common industry in Limoges. This early exposure to the delicacy of brushwork and color influenced my later work. Eventually, I sought formal training in Paris, where I was deeply inspired by the works of the masters in the Louvre and by the camaraderie and innovation I found in the Impressionist circle.

How would you describe your approach to art and the development of your style?

My approach to art has always been centered around the joy and beauty of life. I began with the typical Impressionist style, focusing on light and its changing qualities. However, over time, my style evolved to incorporate more structure and form, drawing from classical influences. Despite this evolution, my commitment to capturing the vibrancy of life and the warmth of human connection remained constant.

What inspires you to choose the subjects that you do?

I am deeply inspired by the beauty of everyday life – the simple pleasures, the intimate moments. I often choose to depict scenes of leisure – people dining, dancing, enjoying the outdoors. There's a certain magic in these ordinary moments, and I strive to capture their ephemeral beauty and the emotional resonance they hold.

Could you elaborate on how you approach color in your work?

Color is fundamental to my work. I avoid using black for shadows, preferring instead to use a mix of rich, deep colors. This approach helps in creating a sense of vibrancy and life. I believe in the harmony of colors and often use them to evoke certain moods or atmospheres. My palette is typically warm, aiming to enhance the light and joy inherent in my subjects.

Lastly, what advice would you give to aspiring artists who look up to your work?

My advice to young artists is to always paint from the heart. Stay true to what moves you and don’t be afraid to evolve. Art is a deeply personal journey – it’s important to be honest and authentic in your expression. Also, never stop learning and observing the world around you. Inspiration can be found everywhere, and every experience can deepen your artistic understanding and expression.